Propiedades en Venta y Alquiler en San Miguel

Puerto de San Miguel offers a family-orientated and picturesque resort located just a few minutes drive from the main town of San Miguel.  The area, also once the local fishing port of the main village, is now a quaint little spot for seasonal tourism, which hosts a small collection of low-key, family-friendly hotels, it’s first five star hotel and a reasonable quantity of self-accommodating holiday rental apartments; all encircling a peaceful cove enclosed by pine-covered cliffs. 

Properties and villa rentals in Puerto de San Miguel are almost always located within perfect walking distance to the beach, where families and returning tourism can enjoy many water and beach sports, as well as strolling the resort with its array of restaurants, bars and local amenities.

The area has a great selection of restaurants available from traditional Mediterranean seafood specialties, like Restaurante Port Balansat, to plenty of choice for beach chiringuitos and casual bars, all which overlook the beautiful crystalline waters of the beach in front.  

Close by, the nearby clifftop of Na Xamena sits peacefully in a secluded area of its own, here a small pocket of exclusive villas and homes overlooks the beautiful glittering waters and offers some spectacular panoramic views.  Here, one of the top 5-star luxury hotels on the island resides, Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza. It was the first and only luxury five-star hotel in Ibiza for nearly two decades, and has earned a reputation for offering excellence in Ibiza. The luxury five star resort offers comfort, and a magical experience, with plenty of refined facilities including a world-renown Spa, and above all, the most beautiful surrounding views.

To buy a property in Puerto de San Miguel offers a selection of apartments and authentic family homes as well as some hidden luxury exclusive homes dotted in the country between San Miguel Town and the Puerto de San Miguel resort.  The resort is perfect for residing long-term or for second home buyers seeking an area with a local community atmosphere and a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle for vacating during the summer.

San Miguel offers a quaint and authentic village that leads through the countryside to the coastal resort Puerto de San Miguel, all within a picturesque 5-10 minute drive.  The village itself hosts a few traditional bars and restaurants, with a few recently added international modern cafes and outlets, as well as all the amenities necessary for daily living.  

The village hosts the oldest church on the island and is renowned for its annual village patron day, Saint Michael, which is held in September.  The week is wonderfully celebrated and charged with ancient folk dances, markets, cultural events and a small fun fair.  For a small village, San Miguel is lively with many locals visiting all year round and enjoying the community’s atmosphere.

To find a property in San Miguel village is very difficult.  The center of the village does have a selection of apartments and authentic family homes, as well as exclusive country homes sporadically located between the Town and Puerto de San Miguel resort.  However many properties within these rural smaller villages belong to long-residing island families and rarely see the property market, whereby most of the market opportunities within the San Miguel region occur further towards or in Puerto de San Miguel itself. 

Las propiedades más recientes en venta y alquiler en San Miguel

San Juan de LabritjaSan Antonio de PortmanySan Jose de Sa TalaiaMunicipio de IbizaSan Juan de LabritjaSanta Eulalia del Río
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Existen6 Propiedades en venta y en alquiler ahora mismo en San Miguel


Can Montana San Miguel

San Miguel

Villa de alto nivel de nueva construcción con vistas al mar en el norte de la isla

7.950.000 €
Ref: 7087

Can Laurena San Miguel

San Miguel

Villa de alto nivel de nueva construcción con vistas al mar en el norte de la isla

7.350.000 €
Ref: 7086

Can Caliza San Miguel

San Miguel

Villa de alto nivel de nueva construcción con vistas al mar en el norte de la isla

6.350.000 €
Ref: 7085


San Miguel

Espectacular villa con amplios jardines y zonas de auténtica paz en San Miguel

Ref: 02757


San Miguel

Preciosa finca en alquiler vacacional renovada cerca de San Miguel, Ibiza

Ref: 02662


San Miguel

Hermosa casa de piedra en alquiler vacacional en el campo de San Miguel, Ibiza

Ref: 02663

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